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Educate. Train. Create.

Educate Train Create is an environment that helps shape, mould and develop the future generation.  Through Educating existing techniques and traditions, Training a strong technical facility and nurturing growth through Creativity, we believe in equipping young and old with the essential skills to be valued members of society.  ETC Music is a Centre that provides quality music education to those who wish to unleash their musical potential through a diverse learning experience.



17 January 2018

We welcome all of our customers back to the new year!  We have exciting things in store for our existing students and we welcome all of our new students to our programs!  As of 2018, the ETC Music Team is also contributing to the following schools:

– Monte Vista Primary School
– Panorama Primary School
– Elkanah House
– Generation Schools
– Curro Century City
– Curro Durbanville
– Fairmont High School
– Reddam Durbanville

We are delighted to contribute to these established schools and to share our love for Music.

1 December 2017

The year draws to a close!  And what an eventful year it has been.  Our final concert for the year draws our students together to showcase their talents.

ETC Music Poster

21 April 2017

Well done to the Fairmont Marimba band for their excellent performance this evening!  These youngsters are growing from strength to strength.

31 March 2017

We started the year with a bang!  Now reaching over 300 students across a range private students and within 7 different schools, the ETC Music team continues to grow and reach as many as possible with the amazing gift of Music!

9 January 2017

And so we are ready to get back into #MakingMusicHappen!  A new year, more students, more schools and more great ideas flowing from the team!  We can’t wait to get going!

16 December 2016

And the photos are in for our end-of-year concert.  Click here to take a look!  We would like to thank Elkanah House, Cointreau and Jessica Ellen Photography for their contributions towards this fantastic evening.

8 December 2016

WELL DONE to all of our amazing performers at last night’s Festive Picnic concert!  Our students really took to the task with vigor and entertained the captive audience with enthusiasm.  A link with photos to come.

25 September 2016

Our annual solo music concert is coming up and the students are all practicing very hard to show their talent!


20 September 2016

Well done to our Monte Vista Marimba bands for their performance at the Monte Vista Primary Culture showcase!  As usual, they impressed their peers with their lively playing.  2 of the bands also performed at the memorial concert of Isabell Alberts in the afternoon.

7 September 2016

A big Well Done to Jordan Daly and Tamsyn Arendse for playing their Grade 5 and 3 exams this week.  While we wait for the results to come in, we are still very proud of their efforts.

2 September 2016

The Fairmont High School Marimba band played as a part of their Founder’s Day.  Their friends and peers all gathered around outside to hear them play some vibey African and other contemporary numbers.

15 August 2016

Well done to Hannah Ashley Cooper on a good result at her Trinity Grade 3 Piano exam!  Her future is looking bright!

30 June 2016

Day 3 already done and dusted of our Music Holiday Workshop!  These guys and gals are preparing for their short and sweet concert tomorrow!  For pics, click here.

29 June 2016

And Day 2 of our Music Holiday Workshop went off with just as much fun as Day 1!  The kids are settled in now and they are finding their grooves on the instruments they’re playing.  Click here to see what they’ve been up to.

28 June 2016

And we are off!  Our first day at the Music Holiday Workshop and what a wonderful time spent with some amazing kids.  It was great fun, yet we still put together a few good numbers in the process!  For some pictures, click here to see what they have been up to.

26 June 2016

The Music Holiday Workshop is nearly upon us!  For those who haven’t yet filled out the registration form, you can find it here:

Winter workshop Registration form 2016

5 June 2016

The Music Holiday Workshop for 2016 is happening!  This exciting workshop took place for the first time in 2015 and was incredibly well received – so well that we have been asked by the students to run it again!  For more information on this workshop, email

FunkyETCposter650-1 2

31 May 2016

We are incredibly proud of our students here at ETC Music and here is a look at one of our students that is playing so well after just 8 months.

Click Here to meet Joy Graayenstein.

29 May 2016

Want to have a little insight into one of our Marimba Band sessions?  Click Here to take a look!

7 May 2016

Well done to Alessia, Caleb and Hannah for writing their Trinity Grade 4 Theory exams!  They have worked hard and we are proud of their efforts.

3 April 2016

We are so impressed with the students we are involved with at Generation Schools!  In just one Term, we already have 85 signups to our various programmes!  The future is bright.

3 March 2016

One of our students that has produced, recorded and video recorded her own version of When We Were Young.

Meet Tina.

Click Here to listen to what the future is doing.

6 February 2016

One year ago we started off with roughly 30 students. Today we have just short of 200 students registered into our various Individual and Group Music programs! Added to that, our teachers are reaching over 250 students in terms of Class Music at various schools. This means the ETC Music team has the privilege of exposing Music to 450 young (and less young…) people in the Cape Town area! We want to make as much Music happen as possible! And this is just our first year in… ‪#‎Humbled ‬‪#‎MakingMusicHappen‬


20 January 2016

We are proud to announce that we will be establishing a culture of Music at the new Generation Schools in Sunningdale!  Being the sole provider of musical input, we will be providing them with Class Music, Music Groups and also a whole host of individual music offerings.  We look forward to contributing to a brand new venture and opening the world of Music to a new group of young individuals!


4 January 2016

We already have students sending us messages asking us when they are getting going for the year!  That’s the kind of enthusiasm that brings joy to what we do.  We will be getting underway when the schools open next week.  See you then!

31 December 2015

We have come to the end of our first year in our new venture. We started out with just on 30 students and we have now ended the year with just on 100 students coming across our path!

We held a 4-day music holiday workshop, a Guitar workshop, a Dunoon outreach project, an end-of-year function, a church youth group Marimba evening, 4 different school assembly performances, a prize giving performance, 3 different school concerts and 2 of our very own dedicated ETC Music concerts. We think that’s quite a good start!

We are so proud of all of our students and we wish them and their families a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

We look forward to 2016 with a host of exciting things on the horizon!


Go to our News Archive page to see what has been happening over the last few weeks.


About Us

See The Vision

ETC Music strives to develop capable musicians who would be able to use their skills both in a professional and personal capacity.  We believe individuals that have a strong technical and musical ability are able to find fulfilment in playing music for their own enjoyment and also in the social music setting.  We believe opportunities for that mastery over an instrument should be available in the form of ensembles, bands, choirs and orchestras.  This is essential for true musicianship to be nurtured and fully realised.

Age Range

We offer music lessons for children from young to old.  Adults are most welcome and we encourage those who desire to learn an instrument to pursue their dream.

Instruments such the Piano, Keyboard, Recorder and Violin can started already at the age of 5.  Other instruments have certain physical and technical requirements, which is why an older starting age is suggested.  Any inquiry will be subject to an individual assessment to ensure the student has the capacity to take up the instrument.

Centre Terms

ETC Music operates on the Western Cape Education department dates and runs on a per-term basis.  However, the students should confirm the exact start and end dates with their music teacher.


Meet the Team

Meet the Team

A quality product comes from quality teachers.  Our music teachers have more than 50 years of collective teaching experience behind them.  Most have led music departments in different schools in Cape Town and all are active, performing musicians.  While the expectations are high, the ETC Music team also believe in having fun!  With the people aspect as a central focus and with the highest standards of teaching, we have the team to grow and nurture each student that enters our care.

Mark Cloete

Mark Cloete

Piano, Violin, Recorder, Keyboard, Orchestra & Marimba View Details
Natasha Brehem

Natasha Brehem

Piano, Saxophone, Flute, Subject Music, Theory & Choir View Details
Mark Cloete

Mark Cloete

Piano, Violin, Recorder, Keyboard, Orchestra & Marimba

Mark was exposed to music from birth with his mother being a piano teacher. He took on the piano and the violin and later went on to get his BMus through Stellenbosch University. He started at Elkanah House in 2005 and soon became Head of Music for the Primary Schools. He was heavily involved in school choirs, orchestras, ensembles, concerts, productions and marimba bands from the little ones right up to Matric.

In 2012 he took the position of Head of Culture for the Preparatory faculties at Parklands College, overseeing Art, Dance, Drama and Music. His responsibilities included managing the staff members, organising concerts and leading the Music department. He led orchestras, ensembles and was the initiator for what would become very popular: the marimba bands.

An active musician, he regularly plays for orchestras across the Cape Town metropole, at events such as weddings and corporate events, and is part of a band called K, Ray and the Bird.

Natasha Brehem

Natasha Brehem

Piano, Saxophone, Flute, Subject Music, Theory & Choir

A UCT graduate, Natasha Brehem began music lessons at a young age. In 1993 she began her teaching career at Edgemead High School, where she was the Head of Department for 13 years. She began the department and by the time she left, it had a choir, orchestra, jazz combos, regular music concerts, music competitions and productions.

In 2005, she then took the role of Head of Music at CBC College in Parklands, where she has been for 10 years. During this time, and despite being the only music teacher on the senior campus, she was able to establish a choir, rock band and a concert band, which later turned into a small orchestra. Being the Head of Culture, she was also influential in the school’s big productions which took place every 2nd year.

Her time there is coming to an end in April 2015 where she joins the ETC Music team fully. Extensive experience in subject music and a diverse teaching portfolio, Natasha has an amazing way with her students.



Individual Music

ETC Music offer the following instruments:

  • Recorder
  • Keyboard
  • Piano
  • Violin
  • Guitar
  • Bass Guitar
  • Ukulele
  • Flute
  • Clarinet
  • Saxophone
  • Voice
  • Drum kit

Subject Music

Our highly experienced music teachers have extensive experience in school subject music in both the IEB and WCED Government syllabi.  We are able to offer students in schools that do not offer official Subject Music the option of seeing them through all the aspects of the curriculum.  We also offer existing Subject Music students extra lessons to support their learning.


Group musicing is a vital part of a musician’s development.  Soon to be a part of our offering will be orchestras that will be open to the local community and not just students of ETC Music.  We believe this is vital to connect the students with other musicians in the area.


One of the biggest influencers and a drawcard to any music department are the African marimbas.  These powerful instruments are relatively quick to learn and provide a highly energetic performance at any function.

The musical benefits that can be seen in students taking up the marimbas include improvements to:

  • Rhythm
  • Melody
  • Musical flow
  • Awareness
  • Coordination
  • Aural skills
  • Listening skills
  • Musical interpretation

These instruments are dynamic and are diverse enough to engage the beginner and the advanced musicians alike.

External Examinations

External examinations are an important part of a student’s development.  They provide vital goal orientation and also enables the student to achieve a level of musicianship that can be quantified.  These examinations enable the students to identify their musical strengths, while also highlighting areas that will require improvement.  We don’t believe that external examinations make true musicians, but we do believe they enable the students to build and unleash a balanced level of musicianship.

The ETC Music team are able to prepare students for UNISA, Royal Schools, Trinity and Rock School external examinations.  We are also able to prepare them for the Theory examinations of these bodies.

Instrument Hire

The Centre will be able to provide certain instruments for hire to students.  Please note that this is subject to availability.


Fee Structure

All music lessons take place on a termly basis and payment is required in advance for the term.

Individual lessons:

  • R1 720
  • Includes a minimum of 8, 30 minute lessons per term

Group lessons:

  • R1 050
  • Includes a minimum of 8, 30 minute lessons per term
  • Between 2 and 4 students per group

Theory and subject music:

  • R820
  • Includes 10, 30 minute lessons per term
  • Lessons taken in groups

Marimba band:

  • R875
  • Includes a minimum of 8, 40 minute lessons per term
  • Lesson taken in groups



Performance opportunities are an important part of our student’s development.  Everything that happens during music lessons needs to have an outlet and a goal to work towards.  We believe in having different style concerts throughout a year to ensure the different musical strengths can be highlighted.

We have concerts coming up which we will keep you up to date on, so watch this space!



When do we open?

We are already open and ready to sign you up today!

Who can sign up?

Certain instruments have suggested starting ages (please see the ‘Offering’ section further up for more details).  We would like to grow as much musical talent that we can, so we accept anybody – from young to old!

How does one sign up?

Send an email to and we will take you through the process of finding the right instrument to sign up for.

Is there opportunity for trials?

Yes, most definitely.  Those who are unsure of what to sign up for, we will gladly offer a free lesson to see if the instrument is suitable for the student.

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